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The following list offers some sources of economic information. They are separated into general categories for practical purposes. This list is not meant to be thorough, rather it is a starting point to assist in the research process.


Labor & Employment

American Labor Market Information System – Puerto Rico (ALMIS-Puerto Rico)
Information system updated by the Department of Labor and Human Resources. This is the main source for official information on issues regarding employment, human resources and the cost of life. The site, apparently, is still being developed, thus some data is still not available.
Available information: employment figures, unemployment, labor force, cost of living, wages,
employment by industry, etc.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Main source of federal labor information. Includes data on Puerto Rico.
Available information: Detailed statistics on several aspects of labor markets, e.g., employment and unemployment, compensation, cost of living and productivity of the United States and other international jurisdictions.


Housing, population and poverty

US Census Bureau
The US Census Bureau gathers the broadest collection of statistical data on population and the economy of the United States and its territories. The Census publishes results of several surveys, in addition to the population and housing census which takes place every 10 years and the economic census which is administered every 15 years.
Available information: For Puerto Rico, this is the most reliable source for information on issues regarding population, poverty, income, housing, education, etc.
• 2010 Census (http://www.census.gov/2010census/)
• 2007 Economic Census (http://www.census.gov/econ/census07/)


Federal funds

Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR)
Report prepared by the Census which provides data on expenses and expenditures of federal agencies to states, counties and municipalities.
Available information: Payments to individuals for social security, expenditures to local programs such as: TANF, PAN, Medicare, Section 8, etc.


Government of Puerto Rico

Consolidated Budget of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
This document is published annually and contains the budget for all central government’s agencies and public corporations. It is usually published in three volumes.
Available information: Volume I contains important information about the estimated collections of the general fund, the economy of Puerto Rico, public debt, and important demographic trends, as well as statistical information on agencies’ expenses. The other two volumes contain budgets for more than 130 agencies and public corporations.

Bond Issues
Puerto Rico’s central government and several of its agencies issue bonds in the exempt market. Federal laws that apply to this type of transaction require of each entity that issues bonds to prepare and broadcast a document with relevant information to investors. The Government Development Bank publishes these documents in its webpage.
Available information: These documents usually contain a large quantity of high quality information about finances and operations of the entity issuing bonds.

Puerto Rico in figures
Annual publication of the Government Development Bank, available in its webpage.
Available information: contains information on demographic trends, economic growth, industrial activity, balance of payments, external commerce and tourist activity.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Statements (CAFRS)
These are the consolidated audited financial statements of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Department of the Treasury annually publishes this document in its webpage.
Available information: this document contains information about assets and liabilities of the government of Puerto Rico, as well as information about the financial effects of the government’s operations.

Economic Report to the Governor
Annual publication from the Planning Board addressed to the governor and his team of economists.
Available information: this report includes an analysis of economic trends by sector in Puerto Rico, as well as information about the economy in the United States. Also, it contains an Economic Appendix of more than 30 tables with information on revenues, employment, and public debt among other economic variables.

Statistics Institute of Puerto Rico
Information system where you can find Puerto Rico statistics on economy, education, health, demographics, among others. Diverse publications and surveys are also available.


Industrial sectors

County Business Patterns
An annual series which provides sub-national economic data by industry. It excludes information about self-employed people, government employees and the agricultural sector. It includes information about Puerto Rico and its municipalities.
Available information: number of employees, total payroll, amount and size of establishments by industry.



National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Comprehensive database which provides information about several aspects relating to education in the United States. It includes information about public schools and universities in Puerto Rico.
Available information: data about the number of students by school and grade, ratio of teachers to students, tuition costs, etc.
Data about universities and other higher learning instutions in Puerto Rico and the United States can be found in:
Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS) (http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/)


General Statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Provides and ample collection of social and economic statistics of the United States. It also includes select data on international jurisdictions and Puerto Rico.

Planning Board of Puerto Rico
The Planning Board compiles numerous economic statistics and publishes a series of monthly economic indicators which it frequently updates.

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