Debt, Austerity and Growth – Joseph Stiglitz in San Juan

A variegated audience of over one thousand people gathered on April 6, 2017 at the San Juan Symphonic Hall to listen and reflect on Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz’ words of caution and forward-looking advise regarding Puerto Rico’s economic predicament. Stiglitz is one of 17 experts who conform pro-bono the CNE Growth Commission for Puerto Rico.

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Watch the following summary videos:

In introducing Stiglitz, CNE’s President and Founder Miguel A. Soto-Class stressed the need for ample involvement in the process of economic recovery and made an urgent call-to-action.

Stiglitz cautioned against the contractionary effects fiscal austerity measures will have on the island’s economy…

…and urged for growth measures as anchors of any fiscal and debt restructuring plans.

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