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Ford Foundation
Fundación Aireko
Fundación Ángel Ramos
Fundación Banco Popular
Fundación Flamboyán
Herbert Allen Foundation
Miranda Foundation
Open Society Foundations

Restoring Growth Corporate Partners
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Bella International
FirstBank de Puerto Rico
International Hospitality Enterprises
Oriental Bank

Restoring Growth Partners
Alejandro Ballester
Ángel Collado Schwarz
Antonio Luis Ferré
Antonio Luis Ferré-Rangel
Carlos Unanue
Churchill G. Carey, Jr. & Mary Ann Carey
Diego Suárez, Jr.
Enrique Vila del Corral
Federico Stubbe
Héctor M. Nevares
Herb Allen, III
Jaime Martí
Joaquín Bacardí, III
Joaquín Viso
Jorge Colón-Gerena
José E. Fernández-Bjerg
José E. Rossi
José Teixidor
Juan A. Larrea
Juan C. Aguayo
Lourdes Miranda
Luis A. Rivera Siaca
Luis Silva
Robert A. Cimino

Restoring Growth Associates
Enrique Vila Biaggi
HUB International/ Carrión Laffitte y Casellas
Loren Ferré-Rangel
Méndez & Co.
Ralph Christiansen
The Herrans Group – Merrill Lynch – Bank of America
William Lockwood-Benet

Restoring Growth Fellows
Antonio Muñoz
Assurant Solutions

Acosta & Ramírez Law Office
Adamina Soto
Amadeo I D Francis
Ángel L. Pérez Galarza
Ángel O. Torres
Assurant Solutions
Caribbean Cinemas
Carlos A. Trápaga Fonalledas
Carlos F. Colón
Carlos del Río
Cervecera de Puerto Rico
Edwin Pérez
Epifanio Morales Cruz
Ernesto Dallas
Federico Sánchez Ortiz
Fernando Pujals
Gladys de Motta
Gualberto Rodríguez, III
Guillermo Martínez
Gustavo Hermida
Ignacio López
Jacques Chappuis
John Whitman
Jon Borschow
Jorge Fuentes
José David Rodríguez
José Manuel Torres
José Pérez
Luis González
Luis Santiago
Luis Villaronga
M. Cecilia Llorens
Margarita González
Mark Mashburn
Miguel Iturralde
Miguel A. Soto-Class
Mónica Fornaris Pau
Nuria Ortiz Vargas
Nydia Suárez Marín
Richard McConnie
Rick Lataille
Rita Maldonado-Bear
Salomé Galib
Sonia Látimer
Vicente Feliciano

Contributions to the Center for a New Economy are fully tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and Section 1033.10 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code.

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, private, nonprofit organization devoted to nonpartisan research, education, and publication in economics, public policy, and the social sciences generally. It is chartered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and registered as a nonprofit corporation with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. The organization’s finances undergo a yearly external audit to assure CNE’s compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles that apply to nonprofit organizations. Since its founding in 1998, CNE’s work has been entirely financed by donations from individuals and private foundations. The Center does not accept any funding from the government or from political parties.CNE’s views and its research agenda are set solely by its Senior Management with support from its Faculty. CNE does not engage in any work for hire. In order to safeguard the independence of the research staff in the pursuit of their studies, all fundraising efforts are separate and insulated from the research and policy work. Contributors to the Center are advised that their support will not in any way control, determine, or influence the conduct of particular investigations or the conclusions reached as part of those research endeavors. Given that the Center maintains a position of neutrality on political issues in order to uphold the intellectual freedom of the staff, interpretations or conclusions in CNE publications should be understood to be solely those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Center, to its directors, officers, other staff members, or to the individuals and organizations that support its research.