Blueprint: A CNE Housing and Land Initiative

The Center for a New Economy’s Blueprint initiative is a collective exercise in defining a path forward for housing and land use in Puerto Rico. Through its cross-sectorial events and publications, Blueprint provides a platform for productive conversations and knowledge exchanges on issues of land ownership, accessibility, and safe housing. These efforts will serve to develop a programmatic and inclusive housing and land use framework that meets the complex needs of Puerto Rico’s reconstruction process.
For more information about the Blueprint initiative, read our positioning paper:

Notes for a Planning and Public Policy Framework for Housing in Puerto Rico

The Blueprint Team

Deepak Lamba-Nieves

Senior Research Fellow at CNE &
Director of Infrastructure Justice at PolicyLink

Raúl Santiago-Bartolomei

Research Fellow at CNE &
Assistant Professor at the UPR Graduate School of Planning

Blueprint is part of the portfolio of projects of the CNE Growth Commission. To ensure maximum rigor and relevance, Blueprint will have an Advisory Board led by Shaun Donovan, former Secretary of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Other members of the Advisory Board include:
  • Lucilla Fuller Marvel, Professional planner
  • Michelle Sugden Castillo, Professional planner and housing consultant
  • Amanda Silva, Director, Habitat for Humanity Puerto Rico
  • Annette Kim, Associate Professor, Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California
  • Maritza Barreto, Professor of Planning, Graduate School of Planning, University of Puerto Rico
  • Carmen Milagros Concepción, Professor (Retired), Graduate School of Planning, University of Puerto Rico
  • Érika Fontánez, Professor, School of Law, University of Puerto Rico
  • Enrique Silva, Director of International and Institute-wide Initiatives, Lincoln Land Institute

Blueprint will organize events and conduct research focused on each of its three main themes: Tenure Security and Informal Settlements, Affordable Housing, and Safe and Durable Housing.
Click on the themes below for information about our events and publications.

White Paper

Urban Informality: International Trends and Policies to Address Land Tenure and Informal Settlements
by Oscar Sosa López, Raúl Santiago Bartolomei & Deepak Lamba-Nieves


“Land Tenure and Informal Settlements: International Trends and Lessons for Puerto Rico.”
San Juan, Puerto Rico
February 8, 2019

María E. Hernández, Adjunct Professor, Legal Assistance Clinic, University of Puerto Rico School of Law
Annette M. Kim, Associate Professor, University of Southern California
Edwin Quiles, Founder and Director, Taller de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Comunitario
Lyvia Rodríguez, Executive Director, Caño Martin Peña ENLACE Project
Enrique R. Silva, Director of International and Institute-Wide Initiatives, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Introduction by Deepak Lamba-Nieves (1:26)

Annette M. Kim (9:55)
Enrique R. Silva (33:33)
Lyvia Rodríguez (1:06:34)
María E. Hernández (1:19:42)
Edwin Quiles (1:27:59)

Moderated Discussion (1:45:30)

Audience Q&A (2:15:19)

White Paper

Release date to be determined.


“Affordable Housing in Time of Crisis: Lessons for Puerto Rico.”
San Juan, Puerto Rico
November 5, 2019

Shaun Donovan, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Elora Lee Raymond, Assistant Professor in the School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Tech College of Design
Vincent J. Reina, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania Department of City and Regional Planning
Carmen Melero, VP at Popular Mortgage and former Insurance Principal at Popular Bank
Michelle Sugden-Castillo, Urban Planning Professional and Consultant
Irma N. Torres Suárez, Legal Advisor, Cooperative League of Puerto Rico


Deepak Lamba-Nieves (0:14)
Raul Santiago Bartolomei (7:04)


Shaun Donovan (9:18)
Elora Raymond (35:41)
Vincent Reina (46:52)


Michelle Sugden-Castillo (1:59)
Carmen Melero (22:21)
Irma N. Torres Suárez (30:52)

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