Weekly Review

The Weekly Review newsletter was published from May 28, 2020 through April 29, 2021. It featured in-depth analyses from CNE’s team of experts, in a highly readable and accessible format, highlighting the latest information on the local, national, and global state of play, validated by our independent experts. We also provided analysis and public policy proposals to both the local and federal governments.

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Click here for a complete look at the seven-part Focus 2020 Series
published in the Weekly Review from September 17 through October 29, 2020.

This week we analyze the FOMB's latest plan of adjustment, followed by an update on the status of CDBG-DR funds for Puerto Rico. Finally, we discuss which are the main global tendencies that Puerto Rico must take into account when framing an economic growth plan for the 21st century.
This week we dedicate a special edition of the Weekly Review to a Memorandum that the CNE team prepared for the administration of Governor Pedro Pierluisi. We identify what, in our opinion, should be the new administration's priorities and recommendations as to how to execute them.
This week we present a brief analysis of president Biden's first 100 days in office, followed by a piece on the U.S.' challenge in returning to the international community. Our data snapshot looks at the rate of issue of executive orders of past presidents.
This week we delve into Biden's Rescue Plan and what it will take for it to be approved by Congress. We go beyond Biden's plan as well, looking at rescue packages in the European Union and what Puerto Rico can expect in the context of its reconstruction. Finally, we present a piece on municipal bond prices in our data snapshot.
In this first edition of 2021, we first present a memo to the federal government on the priorities for Puerto Rico that they should focus on as the new administration begins its work. We also present a memo to the local designated Housing Secretary on the issue of coronavirus emergency rental assistance for Puerto Rico. Finally, our data snapshot shows the Commonwealth's cash balance.
This week, the CNE Team has put together a summary of some of the issues we think will be relevant during 2021. We have broken them down into four categories: the pandemic; the economy; the reconstruction; and international trends. We hope you find this summary useful as you plan the year ahead.
In 2020, CNE produced hundreds of daily briefings and weekly reviews, policy briefs, empirical research reports, evidence-based analyses, and op-eds. This week we highlight ten of them because they garnered the most interest from our readers and are particularly relevant to the challenges Puerto Rico faces.
This week we celebrate a milestone as CNE turns 22. We have a special message from our founder and president to commemorate the occasion. We then have a report regarding some effective public health policies implemented in Valencia. We close with an analysis of the most recent Plan of Adjustment proposed to Puerto Rico’s creditors by the FOMB.
We are dedicating this entire issue to present our first take on the election results. First, we reintroduce the idea of negotiating a social pact for Puerto Rico, in light of the current fluid political environment and the critical economic situation. Then we provide a first look at the new political dynamics in D.C. We close with a piece on some of the international implications of the U.S. election.
This week we wrap up our Focus 2020 Series. We hope you found the analysis and discussion of those ideas interesting and thought-provoking. We also present an analysis of PROMESA’s virtues and defects. Four years after its enactment, what has worked?; what has failed?; and what is missing?