Is a Federal Fiscal Control Board the Only Option for Puerto Rico? – P.R. Senate President Eduardo Bhatia

Click on the link below to watch Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia’s final remarks at the Center for a New Economy’s forum “Is a Federal Fiscal Control Board the Only Option for Puerto Rico?”

The event took place on March 2, 2016 at the National Press Club of Washington D.C. Scroll below to read a brief biography of Mr. Bhatia.

Hon. Eduardo Bhatia

President, Puerto Rico Senate

San Juan, Puerto Rico

During his term as President of the Senate, Senator Bhatia has been a driving force in the overhaul of the broken fiscal system of Puerto Rico, actively advocating for a balanced budget, restructuring the Island’s debt and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse of public funds. He is the author of a comprehensive energy reform law, legislation to revamp the Puerto Rico’s public education system as well as major civil rights and environmental legislation. Senator Bhatia served as Co-Chair of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments (CSG-ERC) in the United States, and was elected President of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) becoming the first Senate President to hold the title. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and graduated from Stanford Law School.