CNE Review – March 2023

In this special edition of the CNE Review, we take a look at the ongoing transformation of Puerto Rico’s electricity sector. First, we present a summary of the several ongoing processes followed by an analysis of the Genera PR contract and what it represents for Puerto Rico.

Analysis of PREPA Legacy Assets Public-Private Partnership Agreement

In this Policy Brief, we will present an analysis of the principal components of the Generation Operation and Maintenance Agreement, including the basic structure of the transaction; the compensation of the Operator; the estimated savings to be generated as a result of hiring a private operator to operate and maintain the Legacy Generation Assets; the planned decommission of most of the existing facilities that currently use fossil fuels to generate electricity in Puerto Rico; and the resulting structure of Puerto Rico’s electricity market.

Éxodo de médicos: Un problema que rehúye las soluciones simples

Este Apuntes desde Madrid examina algunas tendencias globales sobre la llamada “fuga de médicos”; mira las medidas que se han tomado en España (país desde donde escribe la autora), contrasta la situación con el sistema vigente en EEUU y examina formas alternativas de organizar los recursos del sistema de salud.

An Economy That Works for All: Moving Towards Equitable Growth

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York hosted a hybrid event centered on achieving equitable growth. During the event, Miguel A. Soto-Class, CNE’s President & Founder, discussed the opportunities that arise from natural disasters and associated resiliency efforts to ensure equitable growth.

Healthcare Justice for Puerto Rico

It has become a bit of an end of year tradition: Congress is scrambling again to enact legislation to keep the federal government open. Unfortunately for the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico, Congress is also scrambling to provide additional funding for the island’s Medicaid program and avoid a so-called “Medicaid cliff.”

Año de avances fiscales e incertidumbre económica

El 2022 cierra con un balance de avances fiscales y de incertidumbre económica. Los factores que apuntan al alza superan actualmente los riegos a la baja, debido principalmente a las proyecciones de la inversión federal en infraestructura. Pero esa inversión no está completamente bajo nuestro control y no es recurrente. Resulta imperativo, entonces, que Puerto Rico comience a diseñar una estrategia de crecimiento económico a mediano y largo plazo de cara al 2023.

The Impact of Short-Term Rentals in Puerto Rico: 2014-2020

This report provides a detailed examination of short-term rentals activity in Puerto Rico and addresses several of the claims made by different groups through a detailed analysis focused on: hosting trends, and the industry’s effects on housing markets and affordability.