Blackstart 2022: Llegó la hora cero

El huracán Fiona ha causado el colapso del sistema de energía de Puerto Rico, otra vez. Lo triste es que sabemos lo que tenemos que hacer y no lo hemos hecho. Lee la columna de Sergio M. Marxuach.

Another Look at the PREPA-LUMA Agreement

CNE already published an extensive analysis of the operation and maintenance agreement, back on August 2020. Our objective with this new analysis is to provide a succinct evaluation of the situation today, analyze the options available to the government of Puerto Rico, and hopefully clarify some of the confusion surrounding the operation of this public-private partnership agreement.

PREPA’s Debt Restructuring – What’s Next?

In this policy brief, we take a look at the current state of PREPA’s debt restructuring process and offer some recommendations about what a good PREPA debt restructuring transaction should (and shouldn’t) include.

Desde Madrid: En el radar para el 2022

El primer mes del año es buen momento para pasar revista, por lo que aprovechamos para esbozar algunas de las discusiones que seguiremos de cerca desde España que pueden arrojar luz sobre temas fundamentales para Puerto Rico durante este año que recién inicia.

A Short History of the Demise of Puerto Rico’s Electric System

The recent outages of Puerto Rico’s electric system have generated plenty of uninformed debate. That situation prompted us to go through the archives and look up the Official Statements for PREPA’s last two bond offerings, dated April 12, 2012 and August 15, 2013, respectively. These documents contain a wealth of data and information about Puerto Rico’s electricity system.