Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Update

Now in 2023, the reconstruction and transformation of Puerto Rico’s electric power system is entering a critical stage, as several important processes—PREPA’s operational and financial restructuring; the commencement of large-scale projects to rebuild the grid; and the elaboration of a new Integrated Resource Plan—converge at a key point in time.

Analysis of PREPA Legacy Assets Public-Private Partnership Agreement

In this Policy Brief, we will present an analysis of the principal components of the Generation Operation and Maintenance Agreement, including the basic structure of the transaction; the compensation of the Operator; the estimated savings to be generated as a result of hiring a private operator to operate and maintain the Legacy Generation Assets; the planned decommission of most of the existing facilities that currently use fossil fuels to generate electricity in Puerto Rico; and the resulting structure of Puerto Rico’s electricity market.

Tres elementos de una red eléctrica que funciona

La más reciente falla masiva en el sistema eléctrico de Puerto Rico causada por el huracán Fiona, el desencanto con el desempeño de LUMA, y la frustración general con el proceso de reconstrucción y transformación de la infraestructura de la isla me llevaron a preguntarle a dos expertos en sistemas eléctricos en España sobre las claves para lograr tener un sistema funcional.

Blackstart 2022: Llegó la hora cero

El huracán Fiona ha causado el colapso del sistema de energía de Puerto Rico, otra vez. Lo triste es que sabemos lo que tenemos que hacer y no lo hemos hecho. Lee la columna de Sergio M. Marxuach.

Another Look at the PREPA-LUMA Agreement

CNE already published an extensive analysis of the operation and maintenance agreement, back on August 2020. Our objective with this new analysis is to provide a succinct evaluation of the situation today, analyze the options available to the government of Puerto Rico, and hopefully clarify some of the confusion surrounding the operation of this public-private partnership agreement.