Summer Interns

At the Center for a New Economy, we are committed to providing an educational experience and mentoring young professionals interested in Puerto Rico and its economic development.

Below we highlight some of the interns that have collaborated with our team.

Gabriel Bras Nevares

Intern at Washington, D.C. Office
Summer 2021

“As an intern at the Center for a New Economy, I deepened my knowledge and analysis in regards to the circumstances that overwhelm Puerto Rico. I was able to observe and work on various issues, both US Congress hearings and detailed fiscal reports, with the same aim of seeking the best solutions for the country. The entire team is equally committed to this goal, something that can be seen not only in their work but in the open and inclusive environment that was fostered during my internship. It has been an enriching and inspiring experience that has shaped my professional aspirations and increased my commitment to the Puerto Rican people.”

Sarah Cabré

Research Intern
Summer 2021

“I saw everyone bringing their diverse opinions about a difficult topic to create a lively discussion. Everyone has their angle and a contribution to make even if they are coming from different angles and shortly after a publication comes out and one is surprised at how they agreed and produced something so well written, with a logical flow that is easy to digest. My experience at CNE has taught me how academic research can contribute to social, political, and economic change in Puerto Rico.”

Sophia Duchateau

Research Intern
Summer 2021

“It has been a very interesting experience to learn how research in Puerto Rico is an important starting point for future decisions regarding the island’s economy. Puerto Rico definitely needs more entities like CNE, dedicated to the welfare and progress of PR.”

Alfredo González

Intern at Madrid Policy Bureau
Summer 2021

“Cooperating with CNE helped me put into practice a significant part of my past academic and professional knowledge. Still, it has also added an extra touch to my job, the feeling that we are working to search for alternatives for the problems of Puerto Rico.”

Camelia Valldejuly Montilla

Research Intern
Summer 2016

“The most important skill I developed at CNE is flexibility. By being available and willing to help, I was able to learn how a successful small business works. CNE and its team are flexible in their own right, responding to any relevant situation or issue with agility and enthusiasm. I did a little bit of everything and worked with every team member in one capacity or another. Flexibility is essential to the success of a team. What I learned at CNE shaped me as a professional and led me to the positions I have held since then.”

Effie Acevedo

Research Intern
Summer 2014

“CNE was one of my first work experiences and my first at a think tank. There I learned the importance and the need to communicate technical and complex information in a simple and accessible way to the general public. In addition, I learned the value of pooling knowledge and experiences and strengthening ties with other entities and sectors to advance common goals. At CNE I met wonderful people with great vision and creativity and watched them turn ideas and sketches into large projects through effort and dedication. I will always be grateful for everything I learned at CNE and for the love, advice, and support I received from everyone who works there.”

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