Coordinando la reconstrucción

El Huracán Fiona volvió a dejar al desnudo la vulnerabilidad sustancial de la sociedad puertorriqueña. La pregunta clave que se debe hacer es: ¿por qué cinco años después del huracán María el proceso de reconstrucción está tan atrasado?

The Help Puerto Rico Needs

We believe the current confluence of events calls for President Biden to take bold action and order the creation of an entity similar to the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, which was created by President Obama under Executive Order 13632 of 7 December 2012.

Puerto Rico Recovery Task Force

This Policy Brief focuses on the lack of effective coordination among the relevant stakeholders in the recovery process, set forth principles to guide the process, present policy priorities for both the emergency response to Fiona and the ongoing reconstruction related to María, and suggest a mechanism for effective coordination among and between all the relevant parties.

La recuperación después de Fiona

En estos días calamitosos e inciertos, nos regresan a la mente los recuerdos de hace cinco años, cuando el huracán María atravesó por nuestro archipiélago y nos dejó patas arriba. Lee la columna de Deepak Lamba-Nieves.

Puerto Rico’s Housing Situation Five Years After Hurricane María

Since 2018, CNE’s Blueprint Initiative has provided a platform for productive conversations and knowledge exchanges on issues of land ownership, accessibility, and safe housing. Below is a brief review of the ongoing and completed research we have been working on for the past years.

Selected Highlights of the Fiscal Plan for Fiscal Year 2022

On January 27, 2022, the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board (“FOMB”) for Puerto Rico certified a new Fiscal Plan for Fiscal Year 2022. In this report, we highlight for our readers some of the most important components of the Fiscal Plan.