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You can help rethink, renew and rebuild Puerto Rico

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, independent organization that exists at the cross-section of policy, business economics, and empirical research.

As Puerto Rico’s first and foremost Think Tank, CNE is helping chart an achievable economic transformation agenda for Puerto Rico. CNE’s work has been crucial in providing solutions to Puerto Rico’s most pressing economic development problems. For twenty-five years, CNE has relentlessly represented Puerto Rico’s best interests in San Juan and Washington D.C. Our track record of influence and impact speaks for itself and is unparalleled in Puerto Rico.

If you believe in fostering a locally-led reconstruction process; in boosting home-grown knowledge; in encouraging resourcefulness and collaboration; and in nurturing nonpartisan governance and accountability, then you are one with us at CNE.

CNE has never solicited nor received funding or contracts from the government. We are supported solely by a small and select group of primarily local supporters, including foundations, small individual donors, and business leaders.

Join the group of leaders and corporations that believe in the potential of Puerto Rico. 
With your support, we can achieve change for the island by driving impactful policies. 

Ways to Support CNE

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PO Box 9024240
San Juan, P.R. 00902-4240

Employee Matching Gift Programs

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of Securities

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Make a grant to CNE directly from your
donor-advised fund.

Questions about donations? Contact:

Ana Martel
Communications and Outreach Manager

Contributions to the Center for a New Economy are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and Section 1033.10 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor to determine the exact income tax effect of your gift.

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, private, nonprofit organization devoted to nonpartisan research, education, and publication in economics, public policy, and the social sciences generally. It is chartered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and registered as a nonprofit corporation with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. The organization’s finances undergo a yearly external audit to assure CNE’s compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles that apply to nonprofit organizations. Since its founding in 1998, CNE’s work has been entirely financed by donations from individuals and private foundations. The Center does not accept any funding from the government or from political parties.CNE’s views and its research agenda are set solely by its Senior Management with support from its Faculty. CNE does not engage in any work for hire. In order to safeguard the independence of the research staff in the pursuit of their studies, all fundraising efforts are separate and insulated from the research and policy work. Contributors to the Center are advised that their support will not in any way control, determine, or influence the conduct of particular investigations or the conclusions reached as part of those research endeavors. Given that the Center maintains a position of neutrality on political issues in order to uphold the intellectual freedom of the staff, interpretations or conclusions in CNE publications should be understood to be solely those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Center, to its directors, officers, other staff members, or to the individuals and organizations that support its research.

Sponsors & Collaborators

We thank the following distinguished group of committed leaders, foundations, and corporations that believe in CNE, for they also believe in Puerto Rico’s future. By donating to CNE, you are directly helping Puerto Rico’s recovery and transformation.

4N Ventures
Abigail Díaz
Able Sales
Acosta & Ramírez
Adamina Soto
Agnes Malaret
AJ Rivera
Alejandro Ballester
Alexis Baez
Alice G. Gosfield
Alicia Huguelet
Allen & Company
Allen Cohen
Amadeo I D Francis
Ana Martel
Anabis Vera
Andres Lederman
Andrés Rodríguez Muñoz
Ángel Collado-Schwarz
Ángel L. Pérez Galarza
Ángel O. Torres
Ángel P. Jiménez
Ángel R. De Corral
Anthony Vera
Antonio (Tony) Casellas
Antonio Luis Ferré
Antonio Luis Ferré-Rangel
Antonio Marichal
Antonio Muñoz
Assurant Solutions
B. Fernández Holdings
Bacardí Corporation
Ballester Hermanos
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Banco Santander de Puerto Rico
Barry Bosworth
Baton Rouge Foundation
Bella International
Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó
Bonnie Wu
Caribbean Cinemas
Caribbean Produce Exchange
Carille Guthrie
Carlos A. Betancourt
Carlos F. Colón
Carlos del Río
Carlos López
Carlos López-Lay
Carlos & Carol Martel
Carlos A. Trápaga Fonalledas
Carlos A. Rodríguez
Carlos Unanue
Carrión, Laffitte & Casellas (HUB International)
Caton Burwell
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Cervecera de Puerto Rico
Cesar Hiram Nazario
Cherilyn Ball
CIC Construction Group
Community Funds, Inc.
Cordelia Buitrago
Dallas Basquetball
David R. Castro
David Chafey
Debra Fornsaglio
Diana Morris
Diego Suárez, Jr.
Dolores Miranda
EC Waste Inc.
Edda Aixa Nieves
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Pérez
Efraín Piñero Medina
Elaine Watkins
Elizabeth C. Burwell
Ellen Friedman
Enrique Cortes
Enrique Vila Biaggi
Enrique Vila del Corral
Epifanio Morales Jr.
Ernesto Aponte
Ernesto Dallas
Federico Grosso
Federico Rosado
Federico Sánchez Ortiz
Federico Stubbe
Fernando Pujals
Fideicomiso de José Ramón Álvarez
Fondo ADELANTE Puerto Rico
Francis Torres
Francisco Díaz-Massó
Fred Fernández Coll
Fuentes Metal and Devices Co.
Fundación Aireko
Fundación Ángel Ramos
Fundación Banco Popular
Fundación Carvajal
Fundación Colibrí
Fundación Flamboyán
Fundación Miranda
Gabriela Rosario Rodríguez
Gladys de Motta
Gladys Janava
Ginoris López-Lay
GM Holdings
Goldman Sachs & Co

Goya de Puerto Rico
Gregory Melson
Grupo Colón Gerena
Grupo Ferré Rangel
Gualberto Rodríguez, III
Guillermo Martínez
Guillermo Marxuach
Gustavo Hermida
Gustavo Marín
H F Lenfest
Héctor Bird
Héctor M. Nevares
Helaine Gregory
Herb Allen, III
Ignacio López
Ileana Vargas
Impetus Foundation
International Hospitality Enterprises
Ivette González
Ivonne Lozada
Jacques Chappuis
Jaime Figueroa
Jaime Martí
Jaime Martínez
James Baus
James M. Smith
Jane Carey
Javier Balmaceda
Javier Bonnin
Jennifer Black
Jessica Herrera Flanigan
Jesús Chinea
JJ Barea Foundation
JLMS Consulting Engineers
Joaquín Bacardí, III
Joaquín Viso
Joel Rivera
Joely Román-Oquendo
Jofi Baldrich
John Bozek
John G. Davies
John Foote
John Girardi
John Whitman
Jon Borschow
Jorge Colón-Gerena
Jorge Fuentes
Jorge Suro
José A. Álvarez
José Baldrich, Jr.
José Colón Ruiz
José M. Davis
José G. Deyá
José R. Fernández
José E. Fernández-Bjerg
José Fernández Richards
José Gaztambide
José Nieto
José David Rodríguez
José Rodríguez Orengo
José Rojas
José E. Rossi
José Teixidor
José Manuel Torres
José Pérez
Joseph G. Gitchell
Joseph V. Papadopulos
Josué Guzmán
Juan Acosta Reyboras
Juan A. Larrea
Juan C. Aguayo
Juan Monroig
Juan Zaragoza
Judson Reis
Julia S. Mignucci Sanchez
Juliet Carey
Kate Jensen
Kathy Roche
Kelly Wilkerson
Kenneth B. Saffir
Kristin Ehrgood
Laura and John Arnold
Lawrence A. Bauer
Lee Beaulac
Loren Ferré-Rangel
Lorenzo Franceschi Bicchierai
Lori Beach
Louis Crespo
Louisa Stegmann
Lourdes Díaz
Lourdes Fernández
Lourdes Miranda
Lucilla Marvel
Luis González
Luis Manrara
Luis Prado
Luis A. Rivera Siaca
Luis Santiago
Luis Silva
Luis Villaronga
M. Cecilia Llorens
Manuel Maldonado Rivera
Manuel Martínez Maldonado
Margarita González
María Santos Valentín
Marilyn Stern

Mark E. Curry Family Foundation
María Canino Arroyo
Mark Gershaw
Mark Mashburn
Marsh Saldaña
Marvin Díaz
Mary Ann Carey
Maryann Leshin
Max Bodoia
Méndez & Co.
Michel Godreau
Miguel Iturralde
Miguel Santiago
Miguel A. Soto-Class
Milton Cruz
Mónica de la Torre
Mónica Fornaris Pau
Muñoz Holdings
Nancy Villanueva
New York Community Trust
Nilsa Medina
Nisha Baliga
Nuria Ortiz Vargas
Nydia Suárez Marín
Olga Carrasco
Open Society Foundations
Operation USA
Oriental Bank
Oscar Serrano
Othoniel Rodríguez Jiménez
Pam Lessard
Para la Naturaleza
Patricia De la Torre
Patricia Higgins
Pedro G. Andrés
Pinsy Rivera Ortiz
Plaza Provision Company
Professional Offices Park
Prisa Group
Puerto Rico Supplies
R David Bray
Rafael Álvarez
Rafael Nido
Rafael Somoza
Ralph Christiansen
Ramón Olivencia
Raúl Quiñones
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Santiago
Rebecca Tarvin
Rebecca Younglove
Ricardo Méndez Matta
Richard F. McConnie
Rick Lataille
Rita Córdova
Rita Maldonado-Bear
Robert Carrady
Robert A. Cimino
Robert Dedrick
Robert E. Friedman
Robert Olshansky
Roberto Morales
Rockefeller Foundation
Rodolfo Colberg
Roger Herzog
Rosalie Genevro
Rosana Guernica
Rosángela Torres
Salomé Galib
Salvador Antonetti Stutts
Sam & Jess Zimbabwe
Sandra López-Bird
Sonia Látimer
South American Restaurants Corporation
Spencer Pahlke
Steel & Pipes
Structural Steel Works
Susan Fernández
Tere Bolívar
Teresa Cintrón
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Community Foundation of Western Massachussetts
The Corwin D. Denney Foundation
The Herrans Group – Merrill Lynch
The Ford Foundation
The Grove Foundation
Theresa Alves
Thomas O’Malley
V. Suárez & Co.
Vadim Nikitine
Vicente Feliciano
Vicki Lan
Vincent Pieri
Wallace Gonzalez
Willard L. Beaulac
William Edmonds
William E. Rodríguez
William Lockwood-Benet
William A. Wilcox
Yvette Torres