Board of Trustees

A committed institutional trusteeship has ensured that CNE operates with high managerial and administrative standards. The group has successfully attracted highly accomplished and civic minded leaders for its Board of Directors throughout the years.

Churchill G. Carey, Jr. (1942-2011) Chairman Emeritus

A commanding figure in Puerto Rico’s mortgage banking industry, Carey was CNE’s first Chairman of the Board in 1998 and became Chairman Emeritus in 2006.

Enrique J. Vila-Biaggi

Chairperson - President & CEO iedifiko

Joaquín Bacardí, III

Director - Executive Chairman of the Board for Hacienda Santa Ana, LLC.

Jacques Chappuis

Director - Global Head of Distribution and Co-Head of the Solutions and Multi-Asset Group at Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Jorge Colón Gerena

Director - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Grupo Colón Gerena

Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel

Director - GFR Group

Vadim Nikitine

Director - Owner and President of CCM Group

Gilberto Monzón

Director - Executive Vice President, Consumer Lending Group, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

Caroline McConnie

Director - Executive Vice President and Co-Dealer Principal of Rimco LLC

Pinsy Rivera

Director - Empresas Rivera Siaca, Inc.

Luis Silva

Director - President of Able Sales