Elizabeth Carey Burwell

Conservationist, Daughter of Chairman Emeritus Churchill G. Carey

Elizabeth Carey Burwell is a passionate conservationist, gardener, mother and the daughter of the Chairman Emeritus of CNE.  Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Elizabeth attended Academia del Perpetuo Socorro, earned a BA from Boston College, and a Certificate in Landscape Design from Radcliffe College. In New York City she worked with the Open Space Institute, a conservation organization that preserves scenic, natural and historic landscapes for public enjoyment, conserves habitats while sustaining community character, and helps protect the environment. In Boston she joined the Boston Greenspace Alliance, a city-wide coalition formed to advocate on behalf of Boston’s parks and urban landscape. In England, she served as an apprentice gardener at Wyken Hall in Suffolk. After over twenty years away from Puerto Rico, she recently returned with her husband and four children, all eager to support the island’s recovery and redevelopment.