Joaquín Bacardí

Executive Chairman of the Board, Hacienda Santa Ana, LLC

JOAQUÍN BACARDI, Private investor. As of March 2017, Mr. Bacardi serves as Executive Chairman of the Board for Hacienda Santa Ana, LLC., owner of Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc., a 138-year-old multinational boutique spirit company located in Puerto Rico. Since April 2008 through June 2016, Mr. Bacardi served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Bacardi Corporation, a major producer and distributor of rum and other spirits. Mr. Bacardí has extensive experience in the development and implementation of international marketing, sales and distribution strategies acquired throughout more than 28 years at various Bacardi companies and 3 years as Product Manager of Nestlé of Puerto Rico. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Bacardi Corporation, Mr. Bacardí directed and managed all business operations with full profit and loss responsibilities as well as all government relations for Bacardi in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Bacardi Corporation is a privately held business with approximately $300 million in assets and annual revenues of approximately $150 million during 2017. Prior to becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Bacardi Corporation, Mr. Bacardí held positions in various Bacardi enterprises where, among other things, he was responsible for the development of all global communication strategies for Bacardi Limited’s whisky portfolio, with total sales of approximately $400 million, and supervision of marketing for all Bacardi brands globally. Mr. Bacardí’s vast experience in business operations in Puerto Rico and across various international markets, as well as his expertise in global communication strategies, have been of great benefit to their brands and company. Joaquín holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management and a BS in Business Communications from Bentley University. He currently resides in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.