Weekly Review – October 22, 2020

In the sixth installment of our Focus 2020 series, we explore the idea of a Universal Basic Income to address economic insecurity and the deficiencies of the social safety net. We also analyze how austerity policies have eroded the Spanish government’s capacity to address the COVID-19 pandemic in that country.

Europa: Transformación en tiempo de pandemia

España apostará a la economía verde y a la transformación digital tras el azote del COVID-19. Con más de 860-mil contagios detectados y 33-mil muertes contabilizadas a mediados de octubre, la pandemia ha golpeado fuertemente al país: el Banco de España estima que la economía española decrecerá entre 10.5% y 12.6% durante 2020 y que registrará una de las caídas más graves entre las economías avanzadas.

Weekly Review – October 15, 2020

In this installment of our Focus 2020 series, we take a look at how the implementation of a modern industrial policy could help on both fronts: generating endogenous growth and spearheading institutional reforms. We also take a look at Europe and its transformation during pandemic times.

PROMESA’s New Board

During the past couple of weeks, plenty has been inferred over the future composition of Puerto Rico’s new Financial Management and Oversight Board. In this post we shed some color on the appointments process and what is before the U.S. government at this time. 

Ocho meses de pandemia

Hace unos meses tuve la oportunidad de leer una entrada en el blog de Howard S. Marks, cofundador y copresidente de Oaktree Capital Management, titulada “Knowledge of the Future”. Según Marks, “hoy en día todo el mundo tiene los mismos datos sobre el presente y la misma ignorancia sobre el futuro”.

Weekly Review – October 8, 2020

In the fourth installment of our Focus 2020 series, we analyze the land value capture theory as a way to improve municipal performance. We also highlight a piece on the impact of Airbnb on the housing market in Puerto Rico.

Weekly Review – October 1, 2020

In the third week of the Focus 2020 series we want, first, to take a step away from the war of federal funding figures and review lessons of the path towards a fair reconstruction. Second, we present a summary of how much reconstruction funding has been appropriated, obligated, and spent. Finally, we present a set of questions we believe should be answered as the reconstruction process moves forward. In addition, we provide a primer on the mechanics of the Electoral College in the United States.