Silicon Reef: Puerto Rico’s Path Towards the Digital Economy

Silicon Reef: Puerto Rico's Path Towards the Digital Economy

Published on May 27, 2003

Deepak portrait
Research Director

When we began our project to grow Puerto Rico’s digital economy in 1999, we named it Silicon Reef for two reasons: first, because a reef is an environment where things grow and are nurtured; and secondly, as a nod to the “Silicons” of the world but with a tropical twist.

Now, four years later, we have discovered two other similarities that we had not previously identified: 1) as with natural ocean reefs, growing Puerto Rico’s digital economy is a long and slow process; and 2) just as the corals that make up marine reefs are built from the skeletal remains of living coral, so it is with our efforts, many of which are built upon the skeletal remains of efforts past.

Numerous efforts have been commenced and countless strategies have been outlined yet, the question remains: have we accomplished any tangible results or moved forward with regards to strengthening and expanding Puerto Rico’s high technology sector?