“A Transnational Migrant Crossroads: The Circulation of People and Money in Puerto Rico” Presentation


A Transnational Migrant Crossroads is the first ever field study on remittance sending and receiving in Puerto Rico. As such, it is an important contribution to the worldwide literature on economic development and remittances. As its readers will note, the data and policy recommendations set forth will be of use to researchers and policymakers alike. We hope that the ideas presented will spur much-needed changes.

This paper is also the first installment for a research series we have titled Restoring Growth. The papers to be included in this collection will follow in the footsteps of The Economy of Puerto Rico: Restoring Growth, a volume published by the Center of the New Economy and Brookings Institution in 2006 that provided a diagnostic of the island’s economy and offered numerous policy solutions to jumpstart economic growth.

Download the event’s proceedings (includes: Executive Summary, Press Clippings, and Photos).