Silicon Reef: Puerto Rico’s Path Towards the Digital Economy

When we began our project to grow Puerto Rico’s digital economy in 1999, we named it Sili- con Reef for two reasons: first, because a reef is an environment where things grow and are nurtured; and secondly, as a nod to the “Silicons” of the world but with a tropical twist. Now, four years later, Read More

Pathways Out of Poverty: Asset Building in Puerto Rico

Traditional social welfare policies focus on providing a monthly income flow to support a minimum level of consumption. However, as Michael Sherraden, one of the leading experts on welfare policy in the United States, has stated, “very few people manage to spend their way out of poverty.” Poverty is overcome by savings, investment and asset Read More

Assessing the Industry Cluster Approach to Economic Development: Identifying Challenges to Growing Puerto Rico’s Digital Economy

As many regions in the United States are thriving in the information age, experts in Puerto Rico are left wondering how to get the island up to speed with its mainland counterparts. In the 1990’s, high-tech output has grown four times faster than the economy as a whole1. In the U.S., information technology industries now Read More

Policy and Development Challenges of the Internet Economy

There are two approaches to assessing the impact of the Internet. Cyber-optimists claim that the Internet is one of the most important innovations of the last century (or ever!) and will revolutionize the U.S. and world economies. Cyber-optimists tend to live in places like Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas, near Route 128 around Boston and in Read More