CNE’s impact in transforming PREPA

CNE’s Impact in Transforming PREPA

Published on February 17, 2020 / Lea en español
Updated March 24, 2022


PREPA’s debt restructuring will impact Puerto Rico for decades.

CNE has been analyzing Puerto Rico’s energy sector for the past 20 years. As a result, we have unmatched in-depth knowledge and expertise on this complicated government agency. CNE knows PREPA and at this key juncture our analysis and recommendations are crucial to ensure that the agency’s transformation benefits all consumers with a more affordable and dependable system.

CNE began to advocate for a better agreement by garnering support from the public and Puerto Rico’s leadership. The transformation of the energy sector is a complex process and the final approval of a Definitive Restructuring Support Agreement (RSA) rests in the hands of Judge Taylor Swain.

In 2019, CNE stated that the PREPA RSA was not a good transaction for Puerto Rico, and we continue to be proven right. As recommended by CNE, Judge Taylor Swain recently encouraged the relevant parties to “continue discussions and pursue a consensual resolution of the outstanding issues”.

We all want the bankruptcy process to be over, but it’s more important to get a fair deal. Puerto Rico deserves a better agreement. To achieve this goal, CNE continues to provide actionable recommendations and analysis, and informing the public about the consequences.

Changes in public policy are not achieved overnight. We know these are complicated processes especially given Puerto Rico’s political landscape. But CNE’s rigorous, objective and nonpartisan research is our strength. Key actors and change agents in Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. trust our work. Our recommendations  have been included in legislative pieces, letters, and opinion columns of various leaders in San Juan and D.C.

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