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Madrid Policy Bureau

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Recognizing the challenges that Puerto Rico and the United States increasingly face in a rapidly changing, interconnected and globalized world, CNE has expanded its policy horizon beyond the Americas and has extended its reach to the European Union (EU), a key player in world affairs and the global economy.

CNE’s Madrid Policy Bureau aims at providing Puerto Rico with policy insights beyond the U.S. and the Dollar zone, broadening the island’s scope of knowledge and increasing the depth of insight, analysis, and expertise available to Puerto Rico. Our Madrid Policy Bureau provides us with a global outlook, broadening our network of resources and enhancing our position as a world-class think tank.  Keeping abreast of international trends and having multiple vantage points in San Juan, Washington D.C. and Madrid allows CNE to develop innovative insights for transforming our island’s economic, social, and institutional foundation and enriches our work as Puerto Rico’s think tank.

The Madrid Policy Bureau Team

Jennifer Wolff

Jennifer Wolff, Ph.D.

Director, Madrid Policy Bureau

Jennifer Wolff is Director at the CNE Policy Bureau in Madrid. She has been part of the CNE team in various roles, previously serving as Senior Program Director and as Director of Programs and Communications in CNE’s office in San Juan.

Jennifer joined CNE after a career in journalism and communications. She was General Manager at Hill & Knowlton’s Puerto Rico office and Vice President at Comstat Rowland, where she specialized in corporate communications, crisis management, and public affairs. Before that, she served as investigative reporter, news anchor, and producer of informative shows at WKAQ-TV, WAPA-TV, and WLII-TV, where she covered government, politics, and hard news. She also developed special broadcast reports of international events in countries such as Somalia, Kuwait, Bolivia, and Cuba. Her work garnered over 25 journalism, public relations, and communications awards.

Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Puerto Rico and a Magna Cum Laude Double B.A. in History and Latin American Studies from Duke University. She has served on the board of directors of United Way de Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.

Madrid Policy Notes

Jennifer Wolff talks to Salvador Peiró, researcher at the FISABIO of the Valencian Autonomous Community, about building on Valencia’s experience with contact-tracing systems to strengthen the capacity of the Puerto Rico health system to respond effectively to extraordinary situations in the future.

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Jennifer Wolff talks to Carlota García Encina, Chief Researcher on Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based think tank Real Instituto Elcano, about what can be expected from a Biden administration in foreign affairs.

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