Endeudando al de aquí: los préstamos por depósito diferido en Puerto Rico

La prensa ha reportado recientemente que se ha radicado un proyecto para legalizar la práctica de préstamos por depósito diferido o “payday loans”. Una práctica abusiva y depredadora que denunciamos en el 2006. A continuación el “post” y el “policy brief” que escribimos en aquel entonces oponiéndonos a legalizar el negocio de estos traficantes financieros Read More

Puerto Rico’s Pension System: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Introduction The Employees Retirement System of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (the “ERS”) is a trust created by Act 447 of May 15, 1951 to provide pension and other benefits to retired employees of the government of Puerto Rico and its instrumentalities. According to the Management’s Discussion and Analysis included in the ERS’s most recent Read More

Letter to Fiscal Oversight Board regarding Fiscal Plan

In response to an invitation to comment the Commonwealth’s October 14, 2016 Fiscal Plan, CNE spelled out five key principles that should govern the preparation of any fiscal plan for Puerto Rico, identified several concerns with the October 2016 Fiscal Plan, and provided recommendations moving forward.

Memo from a Working Group of the CNE Growth Commission to the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico

Devising economic development opportunities should be one of the most pressing goals for both U.S. and local policy makers. In the following memo, a Working Group of the CNE Growth Commission charts a preliminary vision for addressing the deeper, structural constraints to economic advancement and for spurring economic growth. Click here to read the memo Read More

Memo to Bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico

Restoring sanity to the economy of Puerto Rico will require a long-term term approach. CNE is recommending to the U.S. Congress the creation of a permanent working group at the federal level focused on structural and long-term issues related to economic growth in Puerto Rico. Click the following button to download the report: