Policy Paper: Devising a Growth Strategy for Puerto Rico

The following policy paper has been co-authored by José Antonio Ocampo -Co-Director of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue in Columbia University, former Executive Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and former Minister of Finance of Colombia – Deepak Lamba-Nieves, CNE’s Research Director and Sergio Marxuach, CNE’s Public Policy Director. Read More

Enlace al análisis del HR 5278 y resumen ejecutivo

PARA DESCARGAR EL ANÁLISIS DEL CNE EN SU TOTALIDAD OPRIMA EL SIGUIENTE BOTÓN:  RESUMEN EJECUTIVO: Principio 1: Cualquier junta federal tiene que respetar las instituciones y procesos políticos de Puerto Rico. El proyecto NO cumple con el principio 1. El HR 5278 le confiere a la Junta de Control Fiscal poderes que exceden los necesarios para ejecutar Read More

The Endgame: An Analysis of Puerto Rico’s Debt Structure and the Arguments in Favor of Enacting a Comprehensive Debt Restructuring Mechanism for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s debt structure is inordinately complicated. With no access to a broad debt restructuring mechanism, the chaos that a disorderly default could bring would further erode bondholder value, increase restructuring costs, depress the local economy, and make long-term recovery harder to achieve. What follows is the executive summary of the policy paper “The Endgame: Read More

Solving The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Policy Priorities

Puerto Rico’s current crisis has been years in the making and is not limited solely to the public debt overhang. At the core of the current predicament is a deteriorated development model and economic institutions that have hindered growth. Thus, any solution enacted by the federal government must provide a workable process conducive to a Read More

Hay opciones: Una ley de responsabilidad fiscal para Puerto Rico

Lo que sigue son tres preguntas básicas para entender el concepto de una Ley de Responsabilidad Fiscal. Luego del texto encontrará disponibles para descarga: el resumen ejecutivo en español[1] del estudio There Is Another Way: A Fiscal Responsibility Law For Puerto Rico escrito por el director de Investigaciones del CNE, Deepak Lamba Nieves y el director de Read More

There Is Another Way: A Fiscal Responsibility Law for Puerto Rico

What follows is the executive summary of the policy paper There Is Another Way: A Fiscal Responsibility Law for Puerto Rico written by CNE’s Research Director, Deepak Lamba-Nieves, and CNE’s Policy Director, Sergio M. Marxuach. The policy paper[1] in its entirety can be found at the end of the page. There Is Another Way – Executive Summary Read More

Will Congress Let Chaos Prevail? Countdown to Chapter 9 for Puerto Rico

As Washington debates whether or not to approve access by Puerto Rico to some version of Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, the negative implications of a disorderly default looms large on the horizon of both island residents and bondholders. An analysis by CNE of Puerto Rico’s “insanely convoluted” debt structure has found that Read More