Medicaid, the ACA and Trump

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the law that created the Medicaid and Medicare programs. The President was eloquent in his description of the objectives of the law:

Statement by Miguel Soto-Class on HR 5278

“During the past several months, CNE has invested a significant amount of time in sharing our knowledge on the complexities of the fiscal and economic situation of Puerto Rico with those members and staff of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate who have been working on the island’s fiscal crisis in Washington DC. We have stressed the urgency of addressing Puerto Rico’s fiscal situation and we have proposed well-thought and balanced alternatives to address the immediate problem of the debt overhang, transform Puerto Rico’s fiscal institutions, and spearhead a process to reactivate economic growth.”

Hay opciones: Una ley de responsabilidad fiscal para Puerto Rico

Lo que sigue son tres preguntas básicas para entender el concepto de una Ley de Responsabilidad Fiscal. A mano izquierda del texto encontrará disponibles para descarga: el resumen ejecutivo en español del estudio There Is Another Way: A Fiscal Responsibility Law For Puerto Rico escrito por el director de Investigaciones del CNE, Deepak Lamba Nieves y el director de Política Pública del CNE, Sergio M. Marxuach, así como el estudio en inglés en su totalidad.

It’s the Cash Flow, Stupid!

Puerto Rico’s failure to publish its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (“CAFR”) for fiscal year 2014 has generated all sorts of speculation and harebrained theories—from accusations of incompetence to frankly ridiculous conspiracy allegations.