CNE Review

The CNE Review is a monthly publication of the Center for a New Economy that analyzes public policy issues in depth and their impact on people.

In this publication, CNE’s team of experts addresses important issues for the future of Puerto Rico in areas such as economics, energy, housing, debt restructuring, hurricane reconstruction, federal affairs, and of course, the continuing pandemic, among other subjects. We provide our readers with a broader, wide-angle perspective on a single issue or topic per month in a useful and effective format.

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All editions of the CNE Review

In this special edition of the CNE Review, we present several pieces for our readers: a summary of the policy brief "Another Look at the PREPA-LUMA Agreement", the policy brief, and a webpage.
In this month’s CNE Review we take a look at some of the most important findings of the Update to Feasibility Study of Implementing SNAP in Puerto Rico published in July 2022 and analyze their implications.
This month the CNE Review will take a look at some of the issues affecting the housing market in Puerto Rico.
Several positive trends are clearly converging in 2022 to create the opportunity of a generation for Puerto Rico to turn around its economy and start a process that would generate long-term economic growth and development. In this edition of the CNE Review, we take a look at the current conditions, the risks, and the context in which these trends are developing.
In this edition of the CNE Review, we present a set of principles that should guide any tax reform effort in Puerto Rico. Also in this issue, a note on the complicated economic and political outlook given the inflation we face, the current war in Ukraine, and what these critical issues might mean for Puerto Rico.
The recently terminated PREPA Restructuring Support Agreement was the third failed attempt to restructure at least a portion of PREPA’s debt. In this Review, we offer some recommendations that hopefully will provide a useful framework to thoughtfully analyze any new proposal to restructure PREPA’s debt.
On January 27, 2022, the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico certified a new Fiscal Plan for Fiscal Year 2022. In this edition of the CNE Review, we highlight some of the most important components of the Fiscal Plan.
As 2022 begins there is reason to believe that while we may need to keep adapting to new realities, the new year may also bring some positive developments for Puerto Rico. With that in mind, we present some themes to watch out for in 2022.
In this edition of the CNE Review, we take a look back at our most recent economic conference the 2021 Growth Policy Summit.
In this edition of the CNE Review, we are focusing on education and its role in economic development. Belinda Reyes, a CNE Visiting Fellow, explores some of those connections between higher education and economic development, specifically the issue of what can be done to provide young people with better opportunities on the island.