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The Weekly Review offers in-depth analyses from CNE’s team of experts, in a highly readable and accessible format. In this publication, we highlight the latest information on the local, national, and global state of play, validated by our independent experts. We also provide analysis and public policy proposals to both the local and federal governments.

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Click here for a complete look at the seven-part Focus 2020 Series
published in the Weekly Review from September 17 through October 29, 2020.

This week we present two public policy proposals to advance the bankruptcy process even with the great uncertainty that exists. We also share guidelines for effective oversight in the context of Puerto Rico's reconstruction and we call on both federal and local authorities to accelerate the timeline of disbursement of federal funds.
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In this week's Special Edition of the Weekly Review we share a statement from the team at the Center for a New Economy.
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This week we analyze the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of the FOMB for Puerto Rico v. Aurelius Investment, LLC. We also present a hurricane preparedness guide and take a look at PREPA and its claims that the island’s electric system is ready for the upcoming hurricane season.
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In this first edition of CNE's Weekly Review we provide a roadmap to our publication. This week we highlight three pieces focusing on assistance to tenants who have been affected by the pandemic, Congressional efforts to provide assistance to tenants, and the results of an analysis to determine the risk of re-opening by major industrial sector in Puerto Rico.
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