2022 – The Opportunity of a Generation for Puerto Rico

Several trends are currently converging, both worldwide and in Puerto Rico, to create the conditions for a rethinking of the process of economic growth and development. In this piece, we take a look at the current conditions, the risks, and the context in which these trends are developing.

Who Gets Emergency Housing Relief? An Analysis of FEMA Individual Assistance Data After Hurricane María

In May of 2022, the Housing Policy Debate journal published a research article carried out by CNE’s research unit. This article contributes to the critical task of revealing postdisaster damages and reconstruction trends through a detailed examination of housing and personal property damages and benefits received through FEMAS’s Individual Assistance Program after Hurricane María.

CNE Review – April 2022

In this edition of the CNE Review, we present a set of principles that should guide any tax reform effort in Puerto Rico. Also in this issue, a note on the complicated economic and political outlook given the inflation we face, the current war in Ukraine, and what these critical issues might mean for Puerto Rico.

Tax Reform (Again)

The consensus in Puerto Rico is that a broad-based tax reform is long overdue. It is important to understand, however, that tax policy involves difficult trade-offs among various objectives. We at the Center for a New Economy believe the following principles should guide any tax reform effort in Puerto Rico.

CNE Review – March 2022

The recently terminated PREPA Restructuring Support Agreement was the third failed attempt to restructure at least a portion of PREPA’s debt. In this Review, we offer some recommendations that hopefully will provide a useful framework to thoughtfully analyze any new proposal to restructure PREPA’s debt.

PREPA’s Debt Restructuring – What’s Next?

In this policy brief, we take a look at the current state of PREPA’s debt restructuring process and offer some recommendations about what a good PREPA debt restructuring transaction should (and shouldn’t) include.

Europa: qué está en juego con la invasión rusa

En este ‘Apuntes de Madrid’ intentamos esbozar una perspectiva europea de las implicaciones del conflicto en Ucrania, ofreciendo algún contexto a través de los debates que discurren en think tanks y medios europeos. Compartimos enlaces que pueden resultar de interés para aquellos que quieran continuar profundizando en el tema desde esta óptica.