Another Look at the PREPA-LUMA Agreement

CNE already published an extensive analysis of the operation and maintenance agreement, back on August 2020. Our objective with this new analysis is to provide a succinct evaluation of the situation today, analyze the options available to the government of Puerto Rico, and hopefully clarify some of the confusion surrounding the operation of this public-private partnership agreement.


En un momento de tanta discusión sobre las posibilidades transformadoras del uso de fondos federales en Puerto Rico, no debemos perder de vista una de las propuestas que más posibilidad de impacto tiene para nuestra Isla: la transición del PAN al SNAP.

CNE Review – August 2022

In this month’s CNE Review we take a look at some of the most important findings of the Update to Feasibility Study of Implementing SNAP in Puerto Rico published in July 2022 and analyze their implications.

CNE Review – June 2022

This month the CNE Review will take a look at some of the issues affecting the housing market in Puerto Rico.