CNE Review – August 2022

In this month’s CNE Review we take a look at some of the most important findings of the Update to Feasibility Study of Implementing SNAP in Puerto Rico published in July 2022 and analyze their implications.

CNE Review – June 2022

This month the CNE Review will take a look at some of the issues affecting the housing market in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s Housing Situation Five Years After Hurricane María

Since 2018, CNE’s Blueprint Initiative has provided a platform for productive conversations and knowledge exchanges on issues of land ownership, accessibility, and safe housing. Below is a brief review of the ongoing and completed research we have been working on for the past years.

Y los trabajadores, ¿dónde están?

Hay miles de millones en fondos federales disponibles para la recuperación, pero actualmente no tenemos la mano de obra con las destrezas técnicas y profesionales necesarias para restablecer a Puerto Rico.

CNE Review – May 2022

Several positive trends are clearly converging in 2022 to create the opportunity of a generation for Puerto Rico to turn around its economy and start a process that would generate long-term economic growth and development. In this edition of the CNE Review, we take a look at the current conditions, the risks, and the context in which these trends are developing.